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Will the updates ever Materialise........

Today I learned to add to the site, I'm not very computer literate so bear with me, this week I will be adding pages for the puppies we have at home, not so much pups anymore though, and some pics of the puppies that left, with their new mums and dads. - Tina

We have not been able to show the dogs in the last couple of months due to other comitments etc. It would be nice to be able to spend more time in the ring (and win now and again !) but as we have come to realise the best examples of the breed don't always get the rossettes ! - Richard

Bum high again !!

Now thats what I call bum high


I know Alvenia and Matilda still have some growth left but there is bum high and there is bum high !!

Bootsale Bargains

A fresh batch of toys which keeps them happy for a couple of hours.

Alvenia makes short work of the bears !



Alvenia and Dannel are at a show next week...... fingers crossed. Phoebe is actually losing some weight !! How I dont know 'cos all she seems to do is sleep (whilst the others never seem to stop).


Dannel in the park

Yesterday at the local park up the road (Hawarden Castle grounds). The picture shows the old castle. Dan never stops.... Seems to be a bit of a secret park because it is behind high walls and a big wooden gate so sometimes we have the luxury of the whole park to ourselves !

Dannel in the park


Crufts and Beyond !!

Well she only went and got placed!!

Well done to Alvenia for behaving long enough to get a VHC (fifth place). Also a big thank you to Victoria for handling her so well.

Nearly had a runaway dane at the park (Matilda), a leaf landed on her back and luckily I had just put her on the lead otherwise she would not have been seen for dust !! .....such brave dogs we have !

Been playing with the header at the top of the page.... hope everyone likes it (until I get fed up and change it again). Also had a go at a cartoon logo it started from a sketch on a scrap of paper shown below:

logo stages

logo stages


Yes we are still here!!

Sorry there has not been any updates..... please feel free to choose an excuse...... busy at work, computer needed sorting out, forgot password, broke all my fingers, went blind, etc... etc.....

Well no real excuse....

So Alvenia on her six month birthday came third in a champ show which qualified her at Crufts !!

Problem now is her messing about in the ring which gives the judges a reason to ignore how perfect she is !!

After much practice we think we may have the solution..... lot long to see if it works, only a couple of weeks to go.

Six months is getting close !

The first eligible show is slowly looming.....

Dannel our six month old dog (brought into the family from Selmalda) did well yesterday getting a second in an open with the largest group of the day (I think it was thirteen). Hopefully I will add some more pages for Danny, Matilda and the mad one (Alvenia).

Eight Weeks Old !!

Well we have managed to get them to eight weeks old.... They look great... even if I say it myself.

The first one has joined his new family (Bertwyn The True aka "Barney").

They are spending most of the time in the garden (thankfully). They are fall between the 9.7 - 11.5 kg which in old money is 22 - 26 lb. Every time you blink they grow a bit more !!

Phoebe has put a bit on so a diet is on the cards... if we can stop her stealing food that is.

Check out the eight week pics HERE


Puppies visit the vet

Today the puppies visited the vet for their health check, injection and micro-chip, we are very pleased to announce that all puppies have been given a clean bill of health and passed their checks with flying colours.  Our vet was a little over excited as he did Phoebe's pre mate test, both her scans and now checked all her babies, he was really pleased with all of them and of course with mum.  Phoebe also has been given a clean bill of health and had her injections updated today, and she looks fantastic.

Hopefully we will add pics of all the babies this weekend, think you all may be suprised at how much they have grown.

Tina and Richard

At Last...... I hear you say !!!

Yes I have actually got round to updating the pics and clips.

We have now been taken over with them having a free for all of the house and garden. This means hiding wires and filling in the dug holes !!

The plants have been fortified with chicken-wire and the food of the others has to be removed from the locusts... I mean pups.

I will try and add pics more regularly (yeh right I hear you say...), I can but try.

Richard & Tina

Been a while !!

Sleep.... ahhh I remember it well... maybe one day soon....

Puppies growing by the second. They are getting out and about in the garden (wrecking the plants !).

Phoebe gave us a bit of a scare because of the heat... had to cover her with cold wet towels and stick her in front of the fan. She has bounced back quickly.... thankfully.

Puppies "socialising" all the time. In other words wrestling and fighting amongst themselves as well as getting into everything and anything they can.

They love going out in the garden but the heat means we have to be careful. They all seem to have inherited Phoebes contented groan as they fall off to sleep..... its like a weird dog choir !!

I have put more pics on and will put two clips on tomorrow.


Week Three pics and Video..... tomorrow !!

I Richard Teese do promise to add more pics and video tomorrow - Sunday 25th June.

There I can't go back on my word to all those waiting for updates !!

Puppies doing great, getting bigger by the day. They are becoming like little lion cubs with their big feet. Teeth are coming through and they are interacting more with each other. We have put some toys in the box to stimulate them as well as handling them for short periods. Phoebe pops in and out as and when (and nicks the porridge ! - she has never enjoyed cleaning their faces so much either ! ).

Richard & Tina

More Pics - Second Week !

 Managed to get round to adding more pics !

Breaks between feeding are getting bigger..... Oh for a full nights sleep..... maybe next week

Puppies beginning their weening with puppy porridge also known as gooey sticky mess that gets everywhere !

Mind you at least Phoebe enjoys cleaning time more.

I will add a video clip by morning if my brain can still function (spending most of the time on auto-pilot).


Eyes and Legs

Eyes are on the brink of opening..... little glimpes of their eyes shining through.

Starting to stagger around using their back  legs more. still a bit shakey. Just dreading the idea of eight little-uns all creating mischief in eight different directions !!

Once their eyes open I will create another gallery as well as getting some drunken staggers on video !!


First Week and alls well !!

First week done and dusted. They are doing really well. They smallest is getting harder to tell from the rest. Must be because she is the first and the last in the queue for feeding !

More pictures have been added as well as sorting out the puppies galleries page.

Phoebe is able to get away from them a bit more while they have proper gaps between feeds. Which also means me and Tina get breaks as well !!

The nice warm weather means the incubator lamp is not getting much use. If I have a chance later Iwill add another video clip.







At Last Video !!

Took a while to figure how to do but........ VIDEO !

The files are about 2 MB. Dont know how long to download / run if you are not on broadband.

Now I know, I will add more as we go along. Phoebe is taking a few "TIME OUTS" roaming the garden (checking the many holes she dug prior to the puppies arrival !!).



Day Five

Day 5 in the little puppy house, sleep has become a distant memory (very distant) me and Richard take turns, making sure the little (pot bellied pigs) don't get squished by big momma.

Hopefully, being awake, and puppies permitting, new photos will be available tommorrow, watch the little cherubs grow!!!!!!

Glad to say Phoebe is doing a fantastic job, she is such a patient girl, (not to mention. beautiful, clever, easy going, etc, etc.)




Day Three

Where did Day two go ?

I vaguely remember.... but just too tired. Good news though I can count to EIGHT !After doing it about a hundred times.

We are both shattered. My turn again.....??? How did that happen. Will try and add more pic / video and we are weighing them again tomorrow. Phoebe is doing really well.



After a long labour the puppies have finally arrived. The first was at 12:05am and through out the night until 7:20am. All doing fine. weights from 13oz to 18oz. Three dogs and five bitches. Check out the PUPPIES GALLERY page !!!!

Phoebe is doing great.... taking it all in her stride.

Now for the sleepless nights !

Richard & Tina

Day One

Nearly past the first 24 hours. Managed to get a few hours sleep. Roll on the morning !

Phoebe is made up with her new toys.

Why she cannot just let them sleep....... she nudges for a response it must drive them crazy.

Hopefully more pics tomorrow and I will try and put some video on the site.


Lots to do not .........enough time

Managed to finish the whelping box !

I have allocated tomorrow to update the site. Hopefully I will add pictures etc... including a progression of Phoebe getting fatter and fatter. She is digging holes in the garden every five minutes. We think she will start Mon or Tuesday..... Its going to be a busy week !!

Second Scan

Phoebes second scan and everything is on track. The vet is very pleased with her progress. Watching all the little legs moving and hearts ticking away. Still can't count but the word "LOTS" keeps cropping up (panic !!).

Its is going to be a very tiring summer.


Phoebes pedigree

Check out Phoebes pedigree on Phoebes page......

All those names were driving me up the wall.... not to mention remembering to go red for the CH's

More to come........ Richard

Honorary Dane Page !!!

Check out Maggies page (honorary dane). More work to do next one is Phoebes page...... slowly but surely !

We have arrived !!!!

The website begins !!!

Actually getting round to doing this site before the pups turn up (due around the 5th June). Either myself (Richard) or Tina will try to keep as up to date as we can. Any comments are always welcome............. thanks

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